Drainage Systems

A well-designed and strategically placed drainage system can help homeowners avoid foundation damage, ponding water, waterlogged plants, and soil erosion.

Managing excess water with the right type and placement of drains is a critical step in protecting your home and landscape. A crucial factor in landscape design is developing the right plan of attack for water management. When non-permeable surfaces are added to your yard, excess water has to be funneled out somewhere. Installing a drainage system that will divert water properly and discretely is one of our calling cards at Xceptional Hardscapes. Well-designed drainage systems help homeowners avoid the following potential issues:

  • Soil erosion
  • Waterlogged plants
  • Home foundation damage
  • Flooding
  • Standing water
  • Water runoff
  • Mold and mildew
  • Termite and insect damage

Efficient Landscape Drainage Solutions

  • French drains:

Suppresses standing and ponding water in lawn areas. A trench is excavated, lined with fabric underlayment, perforated piping, and clean gravel.

  • Slope drains:

A berm at the top of a slope paired with a flexible pipe running from the top of a slope to its lowest point diverts storm runoff down the face of a slope.

  • Downspouts:

Re-Directs excess water away from residence, and foundation. Solid piping and necessary fittings are connected to the gutter downspouts, discharging an adequate distance into the lawn area, or collection basin.

stone wall
grate before stone stairs

Protect Your Property with Advanced Drainage Systems

With many drainage systems running underground or strategically positioned within a landscape, homeowners and guests may not even notice their existence. But the truth is drainage is actually the biggest factor we take into account when assessing your yard for the addition of hardscapes.

Nearly every project requires some level of drainage. One homeowner we worked with was having foundation issues, and foundation companies tried waterproofing the exterior of the house to fix the issue. When we surveyed the landscape we noticed the grading was falling against the house, which was the root cause of the problems. We re-graded the property and added downspouts to pull water away, which solved the recurring issue.

Another homeowner asked Xceptional Hardscapes to construct a beautiful six-foot sunken fire pit in an open field. We included permeable pavers for water to flow underneath and away from the area. Water runs through the joints of the pavers before getting redirected. While you can’t see the drainage system, it is critical in preventing pooling and protecting the fire pit from structural damage.

Custom Drainage Solutions for Optimal Water Management

We vow to go above and beyond with our drainage solutions for the longevity of your hardscaping investment. Whether you’re installing a patio, pool and deck combo, outdoor kitchen, retaining wall, or any other service Xceptional Hardscapes provides in the St. Louis area, managing water properly is a significant part of the equation.

We will grade your property and inconspicuously add the right type of drains to effectively solve water issues. And you can rest assured knowing we use high-end, long-lasting materials, such as the heavy geotextiles we incorporate in retaining walls and patios to avoid sinking issues down the road. Reach out to Xceptional Hardscapes via phone call or email to see how we can resolve your water problems with a custom solution.