Retaining Walls

We build a wide range of retaining walls based on your needs. We will ensure functionality along with aesthetics while improving your home’s curb appeal.

Retaining walls hold soil or retain soil behind them, making them practical solutions for homeowners while likewise boosting a property’s value. In addition to their functionality, retaining walls can also be used for decorative purposes to spruce up an outdoor space.

At Xceptional Hardscapes, our experienced team servicing the Greater St. Louis area and surrounding communities works with you to design and construct the right retaining wall solution for your home. We build custom structures engineered to maintain soil position, thus preventing erosion while managing slopes.

There are four types of retaining walls, with each having its own advantages depending on your circumstances. These four walls are:

  • Gravity Walls:

Typically shorter in height, heavy-duty materials paired with the force of gravity help these structures prevent soil movement.

  • Cantilever Walls:

Using reinforced concrete with a stem and base slab, these L-shaped or inverted T-shaped structures can withstand intense pressure.

  • Piling Walls:

Usually constructed from reinforced concrete or steel driven into the ground, these column-like walls have an industrial feel.

  • Anchored Walls:

Ground anchors added to the structure provide increased stability, load-bearing capacity and safety.

The Xceptional Hardscapes team will talk you through which option — and which accompanying quality materials — make the most sense for your desired aesthetic and outcome.

yard with stone steps

Professional Retaining Wall Installation

We have constructed a wide range of retaining walls, whether it’s a small accent garden wall or a large retaining wall. Xceptional Hardscapes works with our customers throughout the process — from 3-D design mockups to final construction. Our staff will ensure you’re receiving a fantastic end product.

Our sales team will consult with you and review your property to determine the ideal location and size for your needs. We’ll walk you through the types of materials you can select and will be best suited for your project.

house with nice retaining wall
retaining wall in autumn

Custom Designs for Residential and Commercial Properties

Xceptional Hardscapes will improve your home or business’s curb appeal with highly customizable retaining wall designs. We draft your design using 3-D software so you can see how your structure fits in with the rest of your property before we begin building.

We are confident we can come up with an innovative design to meet your needs aesthetically and practically within your budget. Xceptional Hardscapes takes pride in providing great service that is both high-quality and efficient. Get in touch with us for your retaining wall needs; we look forward to working with you!