Pergolas, Pavilions & Gazebos

Consider adding one of our fully customizable freestanding or interconnected structures to provide shade for your patio, pool or garden.

An inviting roofed structure in the form of a pergola, pavilion or gazebo is a wonderful addition to a vibrant outdoor space or a terrific focal point for lounging with your family and friends. These structures — either freestanding or connected to your home — provide varying levels of protection from the sun and rain while elevating your backyard or garden.

Pergolas, which are commonly attached to a wall to provide support but can also be built to stand alone, are open-air structures. Typically square or rectangular in shape, pergolas feature partially open roofs with criss-crossed beams. Their design provides shade for individuals and, when constructed next to a house, they protect the home and patio from direct sunlight as well.

Pavilions and gazebos are full-roof structures that are freestanding. Pavilions are likewise square or rectangular in shape but feature a complete top piece with four open-air sides. Pavilions are logical fits to cover outdoor kitchens and bars. Gazebos can be fully closed in with exterior wall screens or open air. With built-in seating a popular option, gazebos are functional and eye-catching structures.

In addition to pergolas, pavilions and gazebos, Xceptional Hardscapes has the capability of designing and constructing other structures that make sense for your home’s needs. Whether that’s full roof structures or open-air systems, our team has the know-how to build the right facility for your space. Reach out to see how we can help you.

Luxurious Outdoor Kitchens

Every kitchen Xceptional Hardscapes constructs is fully customizable, so it can include any feature you’re looking for to take your backyard experience up a notch. We have the capability of running plumbing to your kitchen area, enabling you to have a wet bar, farmhouse sink, ice machine and dishwasher.

We will likewise run electrical if you’d like a stainless steel refrigerator, kegerator, wine or beverage cooler. Pizza ovens are a recent trend and can likewise be used to bake bread, roast veggies and sear steaks. Pellet grills, side burners, power burners, smokers and griddles are popular inclusions for any grill master.

Custom Structure Design and Installation

After visiting your space to better understand your vision and wants, Xceptional Hardscapes works hand-in-hand with architects to design an elegant structure. We think about what size, shape and materials make the most sense for the aesthetic you’re seeking. We can use the following quality materials to custom-build your project from scratch:

  • Wood
  • Painted Wood
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Metal

Rough-sawn cedar and white vinyl are popular selections for pergolas. Probably the biggest drawback to pergolas is inclement weather wiping away the chance to utilize them. Know that Xceptional Hardscapes can add a gliding shaded canopy or motorized louvers to let you control the amount of sunlight that cascades in. Pergolas are as versatile as they are elegant and a cost-efficient way to spend time outdoors in a cozy setting.

Pavilions, gazebos and any other fully roofed-in structure you can dream of are great gathering places for parties of all sizes. Gazebos’ unique shape makes them stand out, while the functionality of pavilions in protecting individuals from the elements is hard to beat.

2 custom pergolas

Functional and Stylish Structures Tailored to Your Needs

With a variety of materials and styles to choose from for your freestanding or interconnected structure, we’re confident we can guide you in finding the right match for your yard. If you own or are in the process of adding a pool (which we also install!), a shaded canopy near the water is a must-have. Or perhaps a full-roofed open-air gazebo provides a layer of enchantment to your peaceful oasis.

At Xceptional Hardscapes, we’re here to help. Give us a call and we’ll assist you throughout the process. From design to install, we’re the St. Louis area’s one-stop shop for landscaping improvements.

custom wood pergola
dark pergola and surrounding area