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Xceptional provides its premier hardscaping and maintenance services to the Greater St. Louis region and nearby communities. While we do partner with commercial entities particularly in the maintenance branch of our business, Xceptional focuses on residential properties as it pertains to hardscaping.

And what exactly is hardscaping? It includes the hard-to-the-touch elements in your landscape, such as paver patios, brick fireplaces, stone walkways, concrete retaining walls, etc. Softscaping refers to horticultural features that are softer and living, such as flowers, shrubs, trees and grass. Xceptional takes any existing hardscape features and your landscape’s softscape features into account when recommending additional hardscape elements.

Our Services

From Retaining Walls to Outdoor Kitchens

Xceptional Hardscapes has the knowledge and experience to design, install and maintain a variety of landscape projects that add value and enjoyment to your home. Click on any of the below links to learn more about that service.

Retaining Walls

We build a wide range of retaining walls based on your needs. We will ensure functionality along with aesthetics while improving your home’s curb appeal.

Concrete Installation

Concrete is a widely used building material that can be incorporated into a variety of outdoor projects, including: driveways, walkways, courtyards, fountains and pool decks.

Custom Patios

Built for you. Built to last. Our tailor-made concrete and paver patios extend your living space while expanding your home’s value.

Outdoor Kitchens

We can assist you in building your dream outdoor kitchen. With features including gas grills, a bar area, or next-level options. Let our team help you expand your living space, and bring the fun outdoors.

Landscape Design

Our design team uses 3-D software to show you a realistic visualization before your project begins.


Consider adding one of our fully customizable freestanding or interconnected structures to provide shade for your patio, pool or garden.

Drainage Systems

A well-designed and strategically placed drainage system can help homeowners avoid foundation damage, ponding water, waterlogged plants, and soil erosion.


A properly graded yard gently directs water away from your foundation to protect both your home and landscape.

Custom Fire Pits

Create family memories, host guests and foster easy-flowing conversations with the glow and warmth of a custom-sized and uniquely styled wood burning or gas fire pit.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy the warmth and ambiance a stone, brick or concrete fireplace provides for you and your loved ones.

Custom Driveways

We provide a wide range of custom driveways including: concrete, exposed aggregate, and manufactured paver. Options include: natural stone border, off-set paver border, cobblestone apron and inlaid LED lighting.

Stone Steps

Granite, bluestone, slate and manufactured stone are just some of the options for your steps that are easily maintained, supremely durable and help prevent soil erosion. Steps can be incorporated into your retaining wall, patios, or free standing.

Outdoor Lighting

The right type of exterior lighting improves safety, security, curb appeal and ambiance. Let Xceptional Hardscapes show you how.