Custom Patios

Built for you. Built to last. Our tailor-made concrete and paver patios extend your living space while expanding your home’s value.

Durable, Stylish Patios for Your Outdoor Living

Patios offer several benefits to homeowners. Pairing them with a beautiful structure such as a pergola or outdoor kitchen, adding in some furniture and maybe even including a fireplace increases your outdoor living space. Some of the top reasons to consider building a patio include:

  • A hub for entertaining:

Patios are great for hosting guests, allowing individuals to spread out while enjoying each other’s company and the outside air. Summer grills, drinks with friends, roasting s’mores, backyard games or just conversing can take place on your patio.

  • Expand your living area:

Sip your morning coffee while checking out the day’s news. Fire off some emails or make a phone call. Dig into a novel as a breeze rolls through with birds singing nearby. All while getting some Vitamin D in the open air or underneath an oversized umbrella. Patios enable you to easily take your daily morning or nightly ritual outside to a comfortable, private environment.

  • Increase property value:

While you can enjoy the outdoor benefits and activities associated with a patio, know the next individual who purchases your property sees those same pluses. Patios increase the resale value of your home and add to your house’s curb appeal.

fancy looking patio

Custom Concrete Patio Installation

Patios can offer a variety of entertainment purposes. Every patio is designed to reflect our clients’ wants and needs. Our design team works with our clients to create their dream patio and make their dream outdoor space come true. Our detail-driven team has first-rate craftsmanship. Our objective with any project is total customer satisfaction throughout the process — from design to build.

Several of our clients have referred us to their family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. We take great pride in treating everyone who contacts us with respect, fairness and excellent customer service. That’s part of why our word of mouth has been so strong as we continue to emerge as one of the area’s premier hardscaping and landscaping providers. Each customer is different and every project has a unique set of circumstances. We take the time to understand what makes the most sense for you and your home.

connected patio areas
top-down of custom patio