Landscape Design

Our design team uses 3-D software to show you a realistic visualization before your project begins.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding on to pre-existing elements, Xceptional Hardscapes can be your go-to resource for designing and installing a beautiful outdoor escape. Our trained team of experts will schedule a visit  to view your property for your landscape, and hardscape needs. We take the time to listen to what you’d like the end product to look like. We then map out your vision using 3-D software so you know precisely what your landscape will ultimately look like.

Professional Landscape Design Services

The team at Xceptional Hardscapes has the expertise to be your one-stop shop for all your landscape and hardscape needs. There are a multitude of factors we look for when visiting your residential property to help you determine what items to include and what to leave out. Some key factors we take into consideration for every client include:

  • Topography:

Your yard’s slopes and hills impact drainage and grading. Land topography is a key influence in determining whether a retaining wall is necessary and where to strategically place your desired landscape features.

  • Who uses your yard:

Will children frequently be playing in the landscaped area? What about pets? Do you want to entertain guests? If so, where? Would a walkway connecting one area to another make sense for ease of navigation? These are some of the questions to think through when weighing your yard design.

  • Themes:

Coherency is crucial when plotting out your landscape. By the same token, similar plants or hardscape materials stagnate when used repeatedly. Xceptional Hardscapes will help you find that balance. A pop of color here or a unique feature there can break up the monotony and give your eye a focal point to latch on to. Continuing your home’s architectural style into the yard is also a logical choice for strong coherency.

  • Segment or link yard areas:

Like your house, your yard can be viewed as a room or a series of rooms. Think about how you want to connect sections of your yard and how individuals can get from point to point. Perhaps a series of rectangular stone pavers create an elegant walkway from your garden to the pool.

unique outdoor area near pool

Creative Landscaping Solutions for Your Unique Space

Every yard is different and every owner has a particular set of likes and dislikes for their space. While one homeowner may want a perfectly manicured lawn loaded with green space and minimal plantings, another may prefer a habitat that attracts birds complete with flowers, water features and native trees and shrubs.

custom plans for outdoor area
3D model of outdoor area

From Concept to Creation: Crafting Your Ideal Landscape

One of the biggest reasons homeowners pick Xceptional Hardscapes is our expertise in using 3-D software to map out your vision before we begin building. The ability to see your ideas and make any tweaks goes a long way in ensuring the landscape we install matches the one you have in mind.

And when it comes time to deliver the results, Xceptional Hardscapes’ hardworking team go the extra mile to create a serene oasis. As our reviews demonstrate, we are punctual, efficient, detail-oriented and communicate throughout the process. We want our customers to be so satisfied they tell their friends about our services. Word of mouth is how we receive a lot of business. We hope to earn your business and look forward to speaking with you.