Custom Pools Decks

Enclose your backyard pool with a durable, slip-resistant customized paver deck composed of luxurious natural or hand-carved stone.

Complement your custom-designed pool with a stylish deck to give you and your family a great area to make lasting memories. Xceptional Hardscapes specializes in designing and installing paver-based patios that are inviting, low-maintenance and uniquely crafted for your wants and needs.

Custom Pool Deck Design and Construction

In addition to our hardscaping and maintenance service offerings, Xceptional designs and builds both pools and pool decks as your one-stop shop for all things exterior living. Other St. Louis pool and deck companies typically involve outside contractors — one who installs the pool, one who installs the deck and even one who completes maintenance.

At Xceptional, we design and install all components of your pool. If paver-based decks are your selection — which is what we advise in most cases — the Xceptional team completes the entire process for you. Regardless, we are your only point of contact to reduce headache and streamline the pool and deck installation process.

Transform Your Pool Area with a Stunning Deck

There are several paver options to enclose your pool with sophistication and character. Some of our top recommendations include:

  • Manufactured Pavers
  • Granite
  • Flagstone
  • Bluestone
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Quartzite
  • Coral
custom in-ground pool

Consider including a pergola, pavilion or gazebo to provide shade and a great pocket of space to hang out on your paver patio. Mix in some quality outdoor furniture for lounging and to tie the space together. Natural elements like native plants, flowers, planted pots and well-manicured shrubs help provide tranquility and a pleasant pop of color.

When we consult with you to design and implement your dream pool area, we try to cover all angles of the deck installation process. Consider incorporating accent lighting on your deck so daytime parties can roll over into the evenings. Or if you want lighting that stands out further and adds warmth to the space, a custom Xceptional fire pit or fireplace may just fit the bill.

Pool with metal ladder
pool in shade

Safe, Durable and Stylish Designs

As you weigh what type, size, shape and color of deck you’d like to go with, knowing the benefits of a paver deck can help you make the right decision for your landscape. Some of the best reasons to choose a deck with paver materials are:

  • Durability:

Pavers provide longevity, as they hold up supremely well even with high usage and the unpredictable St. Louis weather. They don’t require sealers and are low-maintenance options. If a segment of your deck settles or has staining issues, the problem can be quickly resolved. As opposed to a poured concrete deck where the issue is more complicated to fix and may not match.

  • Slip-resistant:

With safety a huge priority when it comes to pool decks, the slip-resistant nature of pavers makes them a great selection. Concrete can get slick when wet, while pavers reduce the risk of anyone falling with their gripping texture.

  • Good in Varying Temperatures:

The extreme heat, cold winters, heavy rainfalls and whipping winds St. Louisans have grown accustomed to make exterior materials challenging to select. But pavers perform well in all these conditions. And if there are any settling, chipping or cracking issues, the segment can be re-leveled and patched easily compared to poured concrete.

  • Aesthetics:

Natural and hand-carved stones are beautiful, one-of-a-kind options that provide our clients with multiple colors, shapes, patterns and textures to choose from. Combine different types of stones together for an even more custom look to make your deck stand out.

Trust Xceptional Hardscapes for your custom-designed pool and decking needs in the St. Louis area. We’ll work alongside you to craft the backyard oasis you’ve always desired.